Terms & Conditions

1. Other Peoples Data Ltd provides a range of business to business services whereby you the customer informs the team of what your requirements are. Other Peoples Data Ltd will make specific requests that will benefit your business however the final decision will always be at your request.
2. All ‘non-data purchasing’ services are subjected to a day rate set/agreed for the period required/agreed by the customer. A start date and a day rate must be agreed before work commences with our internal documents completed and signed. Should you require to extend the date then you will need to inform us as soon as possible as it may change the days involved. If you want to reduce the number of days allocated and agree you will still be required, the full amount agreed at the start.
3. All additional services will be charged separately, and, in some cases, payment will be required beforehand.
4. Other Peoples Data provides the service whereby we purchase data specific to your requirements so therefore this is a Non-refundable service. Payment for this service would need to be paid in advance then the data will be released.
5. The data purchased will only be valid for 12 months from date received therefore if you have not converted the contact into a client within that timeframe or they have Opted back into the portal stating they don’t want to receive any Sales calls, emails or postal the you will need to delete them from your files.
6. Other Peoples Data will expect a written statement confirming that you have deleted the records that have not been converted into your clients 24 hours before the 12 months expiry date.
7. All payments for any of our services will need to be made via Visa or BACs.
8. None or late payments will affect the process of your work and a new arrangement for your deadline will need to be re-negotiated.