Privacy Notice

Other Peoples Data welcomes all new clients however the information we would expect from you would be enough for us to provide you with an accurate quotation or to carry out the work that you have commission us to do. This will consist of the following:

  • Your name
  • Your company name
  • Your company telephone / mobile number
  • Your company email address (however should you have a non business email we would advise to purchase a professional email address)
  • Your ICO Registration Number
  • Your Job request sheet
  • Your Invoice, once the work has been completed
  • Copies of your marketing material

Other Peoples Data would have obtained your information via a number of avenues:

  • Networking Events
  • Leaflet or/and Business Card that you have given freely to us
  • Your business colleague has given us your details
  • Website
  • Exhibitions
  • Business Seminar / Workshop that we have hosted
  • Social Media avenue as you would have requested to link up with us

The reason would be that we have a legitimate interest as to why we would have your information and to carry out your work in a timely manner. The information will allow us to have a conversation as how we are going to proceed. We will confirm as to whether we will become a Controller or a Processor for your company. However, should you wish not to proceed with your request Other Peoples Data’s services, we will have to opportunity to destroy your details which is in line with our internal policy. We will inform you that your information has been deleted verbally or via email however, if you are our existing customer then you will need to inform us should you wish for a copy or for your information to be deleted from our system. Please note that for accountancy purposes the invoices will be kept for HMRC reasons.

Other Peoples Data can be a Processor or a Controller depending the on the service that you have request;

  • Controller – we would action your request to contact your new potential or existing customers (UK Companies only) to inform them of your services and products. Whereby you have asked for your details to be shared in hope or to confirm that they will contact or meet you. Also, should you request to share your details with other professionals for example; Loan Agencies, Grant Funding bodies or any legal professional then we would expect you to be a part of negotiation as part of our transparency process. We will keep you informed of all developments regardless of the service option you have chosen especially if there is a contract in place. Other Peoples Data will have the right to delete your additional information once the project has been completed which would mean, the only item remained would be Invoices for HMRC reasons.
  • Processor – we would purchase that data from a company registration organisation and credit agency at your request, as we would expect you to complete our company form that outline your requirements. Once purchase and the data has been transferred securely to you then Other Peoples Data does not have to keep a copy. So should lose the data then you would need to purchase the same information again from us.
  • Services that Other Peoples Data offer – Marketing, Business Data retailer, Business Advice, External Verifier, GDPR support and specific projects that is required which is all the requirements of a legitimate interest. A verbal or written consent has been received with payment made in full.

ICO Contact Details

Other Peoples Data will store your information on an encrypted system using one main route and mobile devices will only have your first name and number. This will allow us to contact you pending a visit however the mobile devices are password protected. Our internal policy will determine the length of time we will hold your information, the maximum length of time kept is 12 months and the shortest time is 4 weeks after work has been completed. Unless the client continues, to use our services or the client requests for their information to be deleted.

How to complain

Please contact Una Brown first and if you are still unhappy you can also complain to the ICO if you are unhappy as to how we have used your data.

The ICO’s address

Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

Helpline number

0303 123 1113