Are you ready to be heard?

Other People's Data are great at creating marketing plans, whereby we carry out all or some of the actions necessary.

Our services meet the requirements for grant financing where a percentage of your marketing plan is funded. Loans can be used if needed for email campaigns and telemarketing.

Here for your marketing needs

Create the right marketing avenues for your business.

Email Campaigns

Keep your clients up to date with the new services or products that you have on offer. Showcase your business so they have the opportunity to buy.


We will develop a plan and contact your potential clients using our effective GDPR contact system. We care about the outcome of your campaign.

Web Design

Online image is important!
New and existing clients can understand more about your services and products with an up to date, bespoke designed website.

Brand Creation

First impressions last!
Our system of brand creation will allow you to present an image that potential customers can identify with and open the door to that all important first meeting.

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