A good marketing strategy begins with good data

Other Peoples Data will provide this for you. We will source the best marketing data and leads for your business and even work with you to design and run your campaign. So, you never need worry about your sales leads again.

Irrespective of your industry and sector, or whether you are a commercial or non-profit making organisation, we can help you to generate leads and in turn increase business and interest.

Furthermore, we are equipped to implement your entire marketing strategy. Our professional telemarketing team will make initial contact on your behalf and arrange appointments or conduct research as you require.

Full range of data services

Decide how you would like to implement your new or existing data.
Our team is available to help you.

New Databases

Purchase the right GDPR compliant database for your campaigns. This can be designed to suit your budget and marketing strategy.

Data Management

Review your existing client database and employ our reliable systems that keep your clients regularly informed.

Data Cleansing

This service will allow your existing client database to be kept informed with all data regularly scanned in preparation for update communication.

Data Entry

This service is for customers that still use paper based systems to collate client data. It allows for conversion of written details into electronic formatting.

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